Branson, N, Leibbrandt, M, (2017) Assessing the usability of the Western Cape Graduate Destination Survey for the analysis of labour market outcomes.

Author(s):  Branson, N, Leibbrandt, M
Publication year: 

This report examines the response rate of one graduate destination study. The Western Cape Graduate Destination Survey
in 2012 showed that only 22% of all 2010 university graduates from the four Western Cape universities were successfully
interviewed. Graduate destination studies can provide information about how graduates transition into work. The low rate of response to these graduate destination studies raises the concern that the non-response is not random and that inferences using data on those who respond will be inaccurate. It was found that those who successfully responded to the survey were more likely to be studying in 2012. While those that responded have some systematically different baseline information that signals that response is not random, this has a limited impact for an equation of employment. Focus should be directed at preparing and standardising the sampling frame, keeping detailed records of the survey process, and linking graduate destination study data with administrative resources to assess bias and supplement the survey information obtained.

Type(s):  Report