Kruss, G., Petersen, I., (2016) How can universities and colleges improve the alignment between education and work? A systemic, demand-led approach to skills planning and development.

Author(s):  Kruss, G., Petersen, I.
Publication year: 

In the context of rapidly changing technology and increasing globalisation, firms in South Africa are challenged to upgrade their technology and to innovate so that they can become more productive and competitive in a global and national economy. At the same time, they are challenged to create more jobs for sustainable and inclusive growth in the context of high unemployment and growing inequality. This means that the nature of the required education, training and skills is changing rapidly. Thus, policy-makers
call for post-school education and training (PSET) organisations to become more flexible, adaptable and responsive to socioeconomic demands. The White Paper for Post-School Education and Training (DHET 2013) sets out a vision for a more integrated and responsive post-school system in order to contribute to improved alignment between dynamic skills demand and supply.

Type(s):  Policy Briefs