Cosser M, (2012) Pathways through Education and Training and into the Labour Market.

Author(s):  Cosser M
Publication year: 

Cross-sectional surveys of student trajectories through the education and training systems and into the labour market, like those mounted by Statistics South Africa, are useful in providing snapshots of the status quo at any given time. Because student movement is frequently non-linear, however – in terms both of temporal progression up the education and training ladders and of one-way
movement into the labour market – other mechanisms are needed to account adequately for such movement. Panel studies provide the most comprehensive and insightful means not only of tracking students along their various pathways but of facilitating understanding of the factors that shape those pathways. This paper reviews the literature on panel studies and on models for tracking students before suggesting how a particular model might be applied in the study of student pathways in the South African context.

Type(s):  Paper