Kraak A., (2012) Private post-school education in South Africa. Education Research Consultant

Author(s):  Kraak A.
Publication year: 

This paper the explosion of private post-school provision globally during the past two
decades. It then provides a brief outline of Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) research work
done on private post-school education and training in South Africa almost a decade ago. The current
information picture is disturbing – almost no new research work is being done and published locally.
One tentative conclusion drawn from the existing (yet sketchy) information available is that growth
has been flat if not in decline over the past decade – a probable result of the curtailment enacted
during the Asmal educational administration between 1999-2004. The paper then shifts to identify a
number of key issues in private provision which require further investigation, research and policy
deliberation. The case of nurses is highlighted as an important example of intermediate skilling
successfully executed by the private sector. The greater utilization of public-private partnerships
(PPPs) in education and training requires further deliberation and research. In addition, the paper
suggests that the private sector may aide the process of differentiating the post-school sector more
effectively than is currently the case. The paper argues for the need to re-think (politically) the
contributions of the private sector to national development, and in particular, the need to
understand the inter-dependencies between the public and private sectors more clearly. And finally,
a number of possible future research proposals are identified.

Type(s):  Paper