Kruss, G., Petersen, I., (2016) Responsiveness and employability: An argument for building interactive capabilities in technical vocational education and training colleges in South Africa.

Author(s):  Kruss, G., Petersen, I.
Publication year: 

Public vocational education and training (VET) institutions have long been enjoined to be more responsive to industry needs. However, this policy orthodoxy is weakly theorised. One result is that learners and providers are counselled to focus on immediate employability, and blamed for not achieving it. Another is that there is only marginal focus on how employability is impacted by the possibilities of growing decent,sustainable and productive jobs, or by current and potential patterns of globalised production. In short, the language of responsiveness highlights the importance of skills providers acting to meet the skills needs of industry, yet these needs are typically underspecified.

Type(s):  Policy Briefs