Mncwango, B., (2013) Skills, Competencies and Capabilities in the Innovation System: Reconfiguring the Post-School Sector.

Author(s):  Mncwango, B.
Publication year: 

This background paper argues that a National Innovation System (NIS) framework provides inshgts into the complexities of the relations between education and training systems and thchanging skills demands of firms (Kruss, 2012). This paper introduces the NIS framework as a theoretical and analytical tool and while aslo conceptualising the notion of a Sectoral Innovation System (SIS). It offers an introduction to, as well as a clarification of, the main concepts emanating from the literature to enhance our understanding of the main actors, institutions and knowlege linkages, functions and key characteristics of the SIS approach. Understanding the basic strucural elements and functions of the SIS approach is important if the ultimate goal is to identify the institutional composition of the SIS with a specific focus on capabilities, institutional linkages and interaction with the purpose of revealing possible avenues for policy intervention.

Type(s):  Paper