Papier, J., Powell, L., McBride, T., Needham, S., (2017) Survey analysis of the pathways of public TVET college learners through NATED programmes.

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known about students’ progression through college into employment. Consequently, there is little consolidated data to inform their absorption into the labour market.
This report conveys the results of a telephonic survey of some 3 000 TVET Business Studies and Engineering Studies graduates from the N3 and N6 programmes, and shares the indicative findings in respect of these graduates.
At the time of the survey, thirty months after graduation, just over half of the total 2013 graduates (52.3%) were employed. Of those employed, 34.4% were in internships or apprenticeships, 50.2% were in permanent employment or long-term
contracts, and 15.4% were in short-term contracts. Not all graduates who are not in employment can be considered to be unemployed, though. At the time of the survey, 47.7% of the respondents indicated that they were unemployed, but of this
grouping 3% said that they were self-employed and 10% said that they were studying. The data is presented here in order to construct an initial data set of NATED (National Accredited Technical Education Diploma) graduates as a basis for developing a destination study agenda in line with the intentions of the LMIP

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