Lewis F., (2012) Traffic jams or trees? How are South African youth progressing through post-school sector? And what lessons can we learn form the current studies?.

Author(s):  Lewis F.
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Reports, both evidence-based and anecdotal, tell of high numbers of children and young adults not employed, not in education or in training. As reflected in a recent literature review by the DG Murray Trust, “this represents a severe loss of human potential just at the time that young people should be becoming economically active”. While there is a range of stakeholders in South Africa
who retain information about how the people of the country are employed (or not), it may be true that this does not provide us with the type of education-employment intelligence that is required for
proper planning. Most of the information we have is gained through either cross-sectional studies using data sampled at a point in time, or longitudinal studies tracking limited cohorts of students.
However, not enough consolidated information exists to show the extent to which young South Africans are leaving school, entering further or higher education and training institutions, exiting from these institutions with degrees, diplomas and certificates and entering the formal or informal sector workplace.

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