Kruss, G., Petersen, I., (2014) Understanding interactive capabilities for skills development in sectoral systems of innovation: A tentative framework.

Author(s):  Kruss, G., Petersen, I.
Publication year: 

What we propose in this paper is a framework for analysing existing interaction and interactive capabilities in key sectoral systems of innovation
(SSIs) in South Africa, as a basis on which to proceed. We have adopted a network and interactive capabilities approach to skills planning, a conceptual framework that has not yet been used systematically or widely in South Africa. To complement current efforts to develop frameworks for skills planning and datasets, we argue that a more nuanced understanding of skills demand and
supply, uncovering dynamics and complexity, is needed. We highlight the need to research the interaction between PSET organisations and labour market organisations in SSIs, including firms, farmers and intermediary organisations such as SETAs, professional associations and industry bodies. Key questions addressed include: How do we address skills gaps in South Africa to ensure that
there is a match between what the education and training system produces, and the needs of the public and private sector? How can industry and
education departments work together to produce relevant graduates?

Type(s):  Paper